Renee Rogers Lane, Licensed Master Esthetician, NH & MA, Spa Therapist

Valentine’s Day is a day for expressing love and affection… whether it be heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates, or poetic cards, thoughtful gifts, private getaways, or a visit to your local spa for a couples massage. The possibilities are endless.

Couples massage is one of the hottest services at spas right now. Two therapists provide massage therapy treatments to spouses, mother/daughters, sisters or friends. In a couples treatment room, the set-up of the room would include two massage or spa tables to allow for side by side treatments. Not all spas have the ability to hold two people in the same room, so if that is important to you, call around to find out which spa can accommodate couples services. Appointments would most likely have to be pre-booked. It is not likely that couples services would be available on a walk-in basis or same day call in, so I encourage you to plan ahead!

In a couples massage two people share in the experience of receiving side by side massages, and as far as couples massage etiquette goes, it's perfectly acceptable to talk to each other through the massage, provided that both people receiving the massage are okay with talking.  In many cases, both parties just relax and drift off to sleep. First timers may find it more comfortable being next to someone they know.

What else can you do “together”? In addition to body massage I recommend couples facials, back facials, body wraps or relaxing foot treatments.  Almost any spa treatment can be doubled up with two Estheticians or Massage Therapists.  In fact, the treatments can be customized to each individual.  Maybe one person prefers a facial and the other wants a massage, or how about having both a massage and a facial and make it a “Spa Day”!

Some treatments are longer than others, so if two people want to share the couples room, but decide they want different services, the one with the shorter treatment has to sacrifice and relax some more while the other treatment finishes.

A couples or a doubles treatment is a great way for a teen to be exposed to a facial.  They are comfortable because the parent is in the same room.  Whether it's parents and pre-teens, spouses or couples, siblings or friends, a couples treatment is a great way to share the spa experience  and receive the benefits of a cleansing facial, therapeutic massage, body wrap, or relaxing foot treatment.

Whether you’re looking for that thoughtful gift that actually brings you closer together and has wonderful benefits, or you just want to treat yourself and your loved one, call your local spa and ask if they have a multiple treatment room or a doubles room available on the date you want to book your appointment.

Happy Vantentine's Day!

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