Renee Rogers Lane, Licensed Master Esthetician, NH & MA, Spa Therapist

After such a long and cold Winter… Spring is finally here!  Even though temperatures have been below average for this time of year, it finally appears that everything is starting to wake up from the long winter rest.  Flowers are starting to bloom, and trees will develop their leaves in no time now.

This is a perfect time to start ‘spring cleaning’, but spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to house work and yard work.  It’s also a great time to go through bathroom and medicine cabinets and throw away any expired products.  Depending upon the product, if you find items that don’t have expiration dates, a good rule of thumb is when in doubt, throw it out.  You might get a longer life out of shower products than you would out of sunscreen or face products.  If there are any old sponges or loofahs that you have had for more than 3-4 weeks, it’s a good idea to replace them.  Bacteria breeds easily and quickly in the crevices of sponges & loofahs; if not disinfected regularly, they can become a bacterial breeding ground.  Sponges & loofahs are generally inexpensive, so they can be easily replaced.

Since we’re at the change of a season and approaching the warmer weather, our skin care needs are different than the needs during the cold winter months.  During the Fall/Winter seasons, our skin requires more moisture and hydration.  In the Spring/Summer we still need hydration, but in a lighter form, something that doesn’t feel as heavy or moisturizing on the skin.

Regardless of the season, it is important to wear a sunscreen daily.  The sun causes 80-85% of extrinsic aging.  That just means it's aging NOT caused by genetics, but premature aging that could potentially be prevented.  So, take this opportunity before you start spending more time outdoors to take into consideration your Spring/Summer skin care needs.  Toss out the old… bring in the new!

One of the most important elements of looking good and feeling good is nutrition.  Nutrition is the basic building block to overall well-being.  Springtime is also a great time to take advantage of growing your own fresh vegetables and fruits, so that you can enjoy the fruitful rewards in the upcoming months.  If you’re not into growing your own, you can always support your local farmers who are always working hard to provide the freshest produce available.  Whenever possible, try to opt for the ‘organic’ option.  The less toxins, pesticides, or growth hormones sprayed or injected, the better food will taste and the better you will look and feel.  There is absolute truth to the saying “you are what you eat”.

In summary, as we enter into Spring’s beautiful transformation, it’s important to transform ourselves with the new season, by throwing away expired medicines, sponges, sunscreens or cosmetics and providing fresh new replacements.  It’s also time to re-evaluate your own personal skincare regimen and select products that are more appropriate for your skin during the warmer weather months.

And of course, the change of season is always a great time to get a facial or back facial.  While visiting, be sure to ask me which products are best for your particular skin type over this change of seasons.

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