Renee Rogers Lane, Licensed Master Esthetician, NH & MA, Spa Therapist

As an Esthetician, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is “How often should I get a facial?”  The short answer is at least once a month.  Our skin cells replace themselves approximately every 28-30 days and as we get older we need assistance in exfoliating the dead skin cells to reveal the fresh skin beneath.  The long answer is that frequency of treatment actually varies a bit from person to person.  Since everyone is different and has different skin care needs, one person may need to return twice a month for the results they are looking for.  If that approach is too aggressive for some, it is recommended to get a facial with the change of each season.  So, sometimes four times a year will suffice.

There are different types of facials for specific skin conditions.  Your Esthetician will analyze your skin as part of the facial process, to determine which appropriate products and specific treatments will benefit your skin.  For instance, a facial for normal skin will deeply clean and maintain tone, texture and hydration.  A facial for normal/combination skin rebalances oil/sebum and moisture, removes open comedones (blackheads) and reduces oil in the T-zone.  A facial for dry/dehydrated skin exfoliates the dead skin cells and replenishes lost moisture through deep hydration and protects by restoring the skin’s moisture barrier.  A facial for sensitive or acneic skin is more customized to treat the specific needs.  Relative to all skin types, proper home care will extend the results and keep your skin balanced.

In addition to getting facials at regular intervals, good skin-care products and daily-use sunscreens will significantly reduce the visible signs of aging, including wrinkles and pigmentation/brown spots, and will keep your skin looking great.  Be sure to ask which products are recommended for you.  Home care is equally as important as getting a facial and will give you the best results.

Who should get facials?  Everyone!  In addition to women of all ages, men benefit just as much from receiving regular facials as do women.  Some men are susceptible to a condition known as folliculitis, which are bumps caused by shaving.  This is very common and can be alleviated with the proper treatments and products.

Pre-teens and teens will benefit by not only getting a thorough cleansing & light exfoliation, but will also receive some direction from the Esthetician on what they can do to take care of their skin at home.

Because skin conditions vary with every individual and age group, someone that has specific concerns and goals will want to speak with their Esthetician about specific treatments and the frequency of the treatments.

Other benefits of getting facials are increased circulation, which helps to detoxify.  Facials relax the senses, nerves and muscles. Facials can slow down premature aging by softening wrinkles and aging lines.  Facials also help to clear up blemishes and minor acne.

For the best direction on your specific needs, ask your Esthetician and if you don’t have one yet…

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